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We know how valuable your time is. That’s why we implement proven methods to fix your computer system as efficiently as possible.

Certified Technicians

We have technicians at all levels, so whether your problem requires a simple fix or in-depth troubleshooting, it will be fixed fast and efficiently.

24/7 Availability

100% U.S. based technology advisors available 24/7 for any software assistance and troubleshooting.

Operating System Support

If you have tried self-troubleshooting that doesn’t give any positive results, opt for the trusted Operating System Support, a leading tech support firm. We are members of brilliant technical staff that look into Operating System problems thoroughly. On analyzing the issue completely, we perform necessary steps to provide the most appropriate and permanent solution. We offer complete support for the operating system. Give us a call on our toll-free Operating System Customer Service Number.

  • OS Upgrade & Maintenace
  • Repair & Trobleshoot
  • Performance & Speed Up
  • Installation & Uninstallation
  • Drivers & Conectivity

Computer Software Support

There are tons of computer software present in the market nowadays. Every software has its own capabilities and configuration settings. Software is used to perform a task smartly and quickly. But some times software becomes more complicated to configure according to our use. If you also have the same issues, no more worrying about that. We, ActivateInstall, have a dedicated team to resolve all your software related issues.

  • Installation/ Uninstallation of software
  • Configuration of software
  • Setting up default programs
  • Debug/ troubleshoot
  • Restore/ Customize

Email Service Support

Email is the most widely used method for communication. We use email for both personal and professional communication. Hence we also use several email accounts according to their use. As the creation of emails is no big deal for today’s generation but it is for them who are not very tech-savvy. Some times management of email accounts is also not so easy, but our expert team is always eager to assist you related to your email related issues.

  • Register/ Deregister Email account
  • Recover/ Reset Email Password
  • Creating labels/ filters
  • Spam/ Junk mail filter
  • Newsletter/ subscription service

Web Browser Support

There are almost every professional as well as personal work somehow depends on the internet. Web browsers are the primary essential requirement to use the internet efficiently. There are so many web browsers are present in the current era. Every web browser has a specific feature and configuration. May be some times you are not able to use some features or having trouble to use it. If yes, so without thinking about it too much contact us. We resolve every issue related to your Web Browser.

  • Default Browser setting
  • Browser extentions and plugins
  • Performance & Speed Up
  • Installation & Uninstallation
  • Drivers & Conectivity

Antivirus Program Support

Viruses are just a small piece of the complex program, but it may be very harmful to your computer. As we depend on the computer in this digital era in various ways. An antivirus program is one of the most important things to keep on your computer. It will protect your data and also protect your computer from a real-time threat. Our certified technicians will help you to keep updated with your virus protection and assist your related issues.

  • Download/ install/ activate
  • Renew/ reinstall
  • Scan/ diagnose computer
  • Update/ upgrade protection
  • Debug & Error correction

Computer Security Support

The computer becomes today’s most used electronic device to keep personal or work data. So data protection is a primary concern for a computer geek. Computer security is a very important thing for an organizational computer as well as a personal computer. There are various aspects in terms of security according to the use of your computer. Our computer security agents will guide you to enhance your computer security.

  • Computer security
  • Repair & Trobleshoot
  • Performance enhancement
  • Firewall & network configuration
  • Malware protection

Accounting Software Support

Almost business organizations are having their financial analyst; Who are dealing with accounting software. Apart from that almost everyone computer somehow to accomplish their financial work. If you stuck somewhere in your accounting thing with it; contact us get rid of it immediately.

  • Update/ upgrade
  • Repair & Trobleshoot
  • Performance & Speed Up
  • Installation & Uninstallation
  • Drivers & Conectivity

MS Office Support

MS Office is one of the most widely used Microsoft products. It will help you to do your documentation related work very easily. We may quickly be addicted to this, and it very hurts when it is not letting you to efficiently. No more need to worry about your MS Office, our certified technician will help you in every aspect.

  • Activate/ Install
  • Repair & Trobleshoot
  • Performance & Speed Up
  • Reset/ Upgrade
  • Bug fixing & removal

Other Technical Support

A computer is a complex combination of software and hardware. And there so many software programs are responsible for communication between them. Some time our computer is not working properly because of these. That may affect performance as well as the efficiency of a computer. To enhance your computer’s performance we houses experienced and certified technicians. Any time in the near future if you need a technical support agent or technician feel free to contact us.

  • Upgrade & Maintenace
  • Repair & Trobleshoot
  • Performance & Speed Up
  • Installation & Uninstallation
  • Drivers & Conectivity

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They were very helpful to emplrove my computer performance & security. Good communication, Great knowladge.

Mike HunterBusiness Man

MS office issues are no more nightmare for me! Upgraded my computer security and other software related issues.

Adam VandanaCEO, Max Solutions